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20 Types of Food for all the Hungry People~
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For all the hungry people, 20 Foods de Irrashai!!!

This is another of those themed communities for all you writers as well as fan-artists to display your talent. This community is inspired by many other themed communities out there! However, the main reason is that the main mod is a hungry person all the time…:D

The idea is about the same. You have to sign up for your pairing/character and after your claim is approved, the pairing/character is yours to manipulate for all the 20 themes. After you have finished your 20 themes, the pairing/character is free for anyone to take again.

The main theme of this community is “food”. Therefore, fanworks must revolve around this theme.

Getting hungry? Here are the rules!

  1. The themes can be done in any order. You do not have to follow from theme 1 to 20.
  2. Read this carefully! You have to tie one of the mandatory themes to one of the foods in the food list. So that means if you are doing theme #1 Radiant, you may tie it to one of the food on the food list e.g. food #1 Kimchi.

  3. No merging of themes is allowed. You have to produce 20 fanworks.

  4. Pairings/characters/threesomes can be claimed! However, 1 person is limited to 2 claims at the same time and they must be from different fandoms. Once your claim has been approved, they are yours and no one else for the 20 themes. Remember to include food in your works. Once you have completed your claim, it will be free for anyone to claim.

  5. Collaborations are allowed, but keep it to only 2 people. Both of you have to finish the 20 themes.

  6. We are allowing single character claims. So for example, if Sanzo/Goku is already claimed, you can still claim Goku! Same goes for threesomes! As long as someone has not claimed your pairing/character/threesome, you are able to claim it! However, if you are claiming single characters, please do NOT write about pairings. If you want a pairing, claim a pairing.

  7. Crossovers are allowed, as long as they are all fictional characters.

  8. Fanart and fanfiction is allowed for the 20 themes. You can do either one or a mix of both!

  9. Please only use fictional characters!

  10. Interpret the themes any way you want! Just remember to tie a foodie to each work!

  11. No flaming is allowed. Please be kind! We are all kind people here! :)

  12. Yaoi/shounenai, yuri, het, slash fiction, lemons and everything is welcome! All ratings are fine here! But please ensure that the rating is included in every post and those of a R-rating or higher MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED as such in front of a lj-cut!

  13. Plagiarism is definitely not allowed.

  14. Please post your works behind a lj-cut and follow this format when posting:

    [include Theme # and name of theme]
    Food: [include Food # and name of food]

  15. Please follow this format when entering the title.
    Title [Theme #, Food #] - Character/Pairing

  16. Please post every 3-6 months! It's not fair holding on to a pairing/character which is popular and yet you are not posting.

  17. Lastly, to request a couple, please reply to this post! Please put “Request” in the subject line. Please ensure you have included the fandom as well as the pairings/characters/claims in your post. Also, if you are going to request another couple, please post a new comment instead of commenting in your old thread. When you are done or decide you can’t/do not want to finish, please reply to this post.

  18. Any other questions, please check the FAQ.

***Claimed list***

A list for you convenience is also found at the FAQ.

Stomach growling…Without further ado, here are the themes!


[";" stands for either/or]
  1. Radiant; Glow in the dark

  2. Mix-up; I forgot to do my homework!

  3. Lights! Camera! Action!; Derivative

  4. Dormant; Effervescence

  5. Eclipse; Run

  6. I don't wanna fight; Rags

  7. Destiny; fireworks

  8. Cherish; Fairy Godmother

  9. Kiss; Pilot

  10. Resort; Avalanche

  11. Hip Hop; Jazz

  12. Pretty; Mayday

  13. Cyberspace; Pendant

  14. Possible; Credit

  15. Zest; Dialect

  16. Sports; Till The End

  17. No matter what it takes; Will you marry me?

  18. Universe; Athena

  19. Colour; Midnight

  20. TLC; Lottery

  21. ~Extra~

  22. Midget; Flower

  23. Graffiti; Arrogant

  24. Umbrella; Stay By My Side

  25. One last cry; Boarding

  26. Exotic; Radiation

  27. Halogen; Glamorous

  28. Sleep; Wok

  29. Fleeting thoughts; Catastrophe

  30. Drought; You get what you deserve

  31. Buffet; Bento

Food Themes

  1. Kimchi

  2. Sashimi

  3. Rice (Any type of rice: Donburi, fried rice etc)

  4. Noodles (Any type of noodles: Ramen, soba, spaghetti etc)

  5. Pizza; Cheese

  6. Burgers and fries

  7. Oden

  8. Tacos

  9. Foie Gras; Escargots

  10. Peach

  11. Yoghurt

  12. Curry

  13. Vegetables; meat; seafood

  14. Ice cream

  15. Bread

  16. Soy; Beans; Nuts

  17. Eggs; Milk

  18. Organs

  19. Sausages

  20. Popcorn

  21. ~Extra~

  22. Chilli

  23. Fish & Chips

  24. Chocolate

  25. Soup

  26. Mashed Potato

  27. Cake

  28. Takoyaki

  29. Cookies; Biscuits

  30. Sesame

  31. Butter; oil

Completed Claims:
sky_pirate_tat: Kingdom Hearts - Riku/Kairi/Sora

That is all! Have fun in this community while the main mod, errr...,grabs something to eat! (rushes off to get food)

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